You've heard this time and again, "Air fryers are definitely worth it!" However, you may not know just how much these machines can be useful. That is why we have outlined some reasons why air fryers are worth every dime you'll spend on them. And most importantly, what makes these appliances essential for healthy eating.

But first off,

What are Air Fryers?

Air fryers are compact, countertop convection ovens that bake, grill, roast, etc. your food using hot air. These handy appliances reduce the need for oil in meals, and this reduction can be as high as 70% to 80%. Why is that? Hot air from the machine is circulated around food at high speed, which produces a crispy exterior.

That being the case, you can get rid of the excess oil and fat in your meals, which will, in turn, help you to eat healthily. For a deep-fried taste of meals, you can take advantage of an air fryer when next you want to fry your chicken, make pizza, fries, mozzarella sticks, and lots more!

Reasons Why Air Fryers are Worth It

So, why do you need an air fryer in your home? Here are some of the best reasons.

1. Reduces Excess Oil

You can satisfy your craving for fried foods without consuming excess oil. This is because air fryers minimize the amount of oil needed to cook food, significantly. In the end, you won't be eating out of guilt and calculating the number of calories you are consuming at a go.

2. Improves Body Health

Greasy food such as a cheeseburger and fries consumed in excess can harm health due to the fat they contain. The body also takes more time to burn down fat compared to proteins, and this could cause the digestive system to work overtime. As a result, it could lead to bloating or acne.

3. Versatility

You can bake, grill, fry, etc. using an air fryer. Therefore, you can choose to bake cookies, pizza, muffins, biscuits, and small cakes with it. There's also the option to heat leftovers with this appliance or roast meats and veggies.

4. Makes for Faster Cooking

Air fryers have a heating element and a fan that circulates hot air at a very high speed, which helps it to cook faster. These appliances are also available in different shapes/sizes, and as such, there are sizes for a family of 2, 3, 4, etc. Therefore, you can find a machine that can cook all your food at once. Throwing a party? Then use an air fryer!

5. Cooks Quicker Than an Oven

Most people will swear by their air fryers that it cooks even quicker than an oven. It takes a very short amount of time to bake a chicken breast using an air fryer than an oven. If you want your food to be ready in no time, an air fryer would be a better option.

6. Easier to Clean Up

You may love fried foods, but not the mess that is left at the end of the day. That is why air fryers can help to reduce the excess grease that is left on kitchen utensils. What's more, these appliances have a basket with a non-stick smooth surface. And this makes it easier to clean after use.

7. Operates Automatically

Air fryers can work on their own, and all you have to do is to be patient, and in no time, depending on what you are making, the food is ready. These machines have an auto-off feature and can cook food for up to 30 minutes. Therefore, set the timer, get your hands busy with other things, and your meal will be ready before you know it.

8. Great Collection of Recipes

Do you love to cook? Or are your taste buds craving something different? An air fryer can help you with both. The reason is, most air fryers come with a cookbook that shows you easy recipes you can try. Now the next time you're making chicken nuggets, you may have one or two tricks up your sleeve, and you can trust your best buddy, an air fryer, to carry out your wishes.

9. For Non-veggie Eaters

If you have non-vegetable eaters at home, one way they can be encouraged to have their vitamins is by cooking these vegetables with an air fryer. What it does is make them crispier and as such tastier.

10. Energy Efficient

Air fryers consume less power compared to ovens, and thus, they are more energy-efficient. They also produce less heat. Although these appliances will be used almost every day, they can save costs on utility bills at the end of the month.


Air fryers are the answer to healthier, lower-fat cooking and guilt-free eating. They make for faster and cleaner cooking, which are only some of the reasons why air fryers are worth every dime. That being the case, they are a must-have home appliance.

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