We recently reviewed the top 10 air fryers on Amazon, and now we are going to let you in on five things you can prepare with your newly purchased air fryer. And if you haven't gotten any yet, click here to do so.

Air fryers are those fantastic pieces of tech gadget for a modern kitchen. And if you are concerned about your health, an air fryer isn't negotiable. Want to know why we think an air fryer is a must-have? It reduces your oil intake. Yeah, you probably guessed that right before we mentioned it. And yeah, we are aware of the different oils in the market - the high and low cholesterol oils.

The chicken, pork, and so on that we feed on today are already blessed with a lot of oils, why add more? You'll only be giving your body more fats to feed on. At most, you can apply some oil - a teaspoon or two if you are really addicted to it, but that's it, nothing extreme.

Cutting to the chase, we'll be discussing five nourishing meals you can make with air fryers, which will come out less fatty but leave you with that same great and crunchy taste.

#1. Steak

An air fried steak. Image by Delish.com

Who doesn't love a steak? Especially when it's perfectly made. But getting a 100% healthy steak prepared in quick time could be a daunting task using the old fashioned way. However, you can get it all "steaked" out in less than 30 minutes with an air fryer.

Best Recipe Box did a great job reviewing how to make that perfect, juicy steak for two. Are you looking for that perfect recipe? You can find it here.

We also helped with a video which illustrates how you can get yours done.

#2. Chicken

Crispy air fried chicken. Image by divascancook.com

Yeah, some of us love chicken better. Let's not get into that argument of which tastes better, the steak or chicken. However, what feels yummy to one person may be hype to another. But if you find chicken a better choice, good for you.

Air frying chicken takes more time than making a steak. This shouldn't discourage you though. You'll probably use about half of that time in the preparation stage, trying to get a perfect result than in the making itself.

Divas Can Cook puts the chicken to the air fryer test as she shows all about making that perfect, homemade, crunchy, healthy chicken. She cuts through the provocation of making an air fried chicken in her 3 minutes video as seen below. You can also get the recipe for this here.

#3. Doughnuts

Yummy doughnuts. Image by Delish.com

Enough of beef and chicken talks, snaking is a good way to tickle your taste buds. And one of many ways to do that is with good old doughnuts - sprinkled doughnuts if you so desire.

If you read our review on top air fryers, you probably know air fryers do a host of things, fry, bake, grill, and much more. Therefore, one way of putting this amazing machine to the test is to make some doughnuts when you have the time.

There's no better way to see how this is done than glancing through Delish's recipe for making super-duper doughnuts. You'll find it here.

However, according to them, it takes a whole lot of time to get that perfect result - about 2hrs 30mins. So you probably want to try this out on a free weekend. Or maybe at festive seasons or for a birthday celebration.

#4. Pizza

Irresistible pizza. Image from liveeatlearn.com

Well, this may not look like the regular McDonald's pizza you know. It might end up with a rectangular-shaped pizza rather than the circled one depending on the size of your air fryer.

However, using one of the recommended air fryers might give you that perfect homemade pizza you've always desired, making you proud of your cooking skills.

Sarah from Live Eat Learn takes pizza lovers through making a perfect, crunchy, homemade pizza. She sees this as a better alternative to eating frozen pizzas all the time. This should take roughly 12 minutes (5 mins prep time and 7 mins to cook).

Check out her detailed instruction on cooking a pizza in an air fryer here.

#5. Salmon

An air fried salmon by Noble Pig.

Not a meat fan? How about some fish. And there's probably no better way to have fish than having an air fried salmon.

Salmons are highly nutritional. According to healthline.com, a popular health blog, salmons are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, they are highly proteinous, an excellent source of potassium, among others. But most importantly, they are easy to prepare. It takes some 10, 12, or 15 minutes max to cook salmon from start to finish, depending on how you want it.

We don't want you salivating for anything, but you'll fall in love with the Noble Pig's way of making a generously seasoned salmon with lemons. You'll find a simple to digest walk-through and recipes for making yours here.

In Conclusion

We have reached the end of our review. Why wait for a free weekend when you can clear out this weekend to practice making one, two, or all of the delicacies mentioned above.

We do not just love the air fryer for its stunning designs - in all shapes and sizes. We love it for the fact that it presents us that perfect opportunity to make our meals healthier than we could ever have imagined.