Do you love corn dogs bites? We do, and we are confident you do too. And what better way to have your favorite corn dog bites than air frying them. That way, you are sure that your favorite delicacy is 100% healthy.

Air Fried corn dog bites can serve as an appetizer, a healthy snack too. You can also entertain your guests with these delicious air fried corn dog bites. How about having a party? Having some corn dog bites served will keep your guests talking about your party for a very long time.

Corn dog bites are easy to make, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to make. And how about some great air fryer recommendations? We'll drop a couple at the end of this article, click the buy link, and have it delivered to your doorstep.

What You Need For Your Air Fried Corn Dog Bites

* 2 packets uncured all-beef hot dogs

* Half cup of 8 oz all-purpose flour

* Some craft sticks or bamboo skewers

* One cup and half of finely crushed cornflakes cereal

* 8 tablespoon mustard

* 2 large eggs

* Cooking spray

Putting Them All Together

Phase 1

* Slice each hot dog in half, lengthwise

* Further cut each half into 2-3 pieces

* Drill craft sticks or bamboo skewer into each slice of hot dog

Phase 2

* Set 3 shallow bowls aside

* Pour flour into a first shallow bowl

* Put lightly beaten effs in the second bowl

* Put crushed cornflakes in the third bowl

* Holding it by the stick, dredge hot dogs in flour, shake off excess

* Roll in egg mixture, allow excess to drip off

* Lastly, dredge in cornflakes crumbs

* Repeat for all hot dogs

Phase 3

* Coat air fryer basket with cooking spray

* Place corn dog bites in air fryer basket as many as can fit depending on your air fryer size

* Spray with cooking spray

* Cook at 375 degrees F

* In 10 minutes, corn dog bites should turn golden brown and crunchy

* Make sure to turn corn dog bites over halfway through the process

Phase 4

* Set corn dog bites aside to cool off

* Serve

Some Air Fryer Recommendations

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2. GoWISE USA 3.7-Quart Programmable Air Fryer

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Now you know how to make your favorite air fried corn dog bites. And if you are looking to buy your first air fryer, we dropped you some air fryer recommendations too. You can take out this weekend to try this for your family. We are sure they'll love it.

Image Credit: FoodNetwork.