Snacks are becoming more popular by the day because they are easy to make; they cut across all age groups, yummy, delicious, and of course very healthy. And one of the most sought after snack out there is none other than the yummy Air Fryer Apple Chips.

The demand for Apple chips is largely due to the acceptability of Air fryers, which consumers love because of its unique features which makes cooking easy, its ability to produce healthy foods, and of course, saves a lot of time.

But one question on the lips of most people is, what type of apples are considered to be the best for making apple chips?

The very short answer is that you can use any apple to make apple chips, the chips will taste exactly like the apple that was used. But be that as it may, there are some set of apples that might be considered first before looking at the others:

1. Sweeter Apples: Some people prefer sweeter apples because it is basically sweet on its own and does not need any form of sweetener during its process. Apples in this category include Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, and Envy Apple.

2. Large Apples: Large apples makes logical sense because it will give you very large apple chips. With large apples you need not worry about the sizes, as any member of the family can take a slice and be largely comfortable. Large apples are always the preferred choice when making family apple chips.

3. Cheaper Apples: Well, in case of a strain in the wallet, cheap apples are not bad at all. Although they might not be as sweet as the sweet apples or give you a large chip, they are also very delicious. You can get more for a lesser price and also enjoy your chips without emptying your purse.

Although Apple chips can be done in a couple of ways, it is advisable to prepare it with an air fryer, and the reason is not farfetched.

• It is faster: Air fryer will make you your delicious apple chips in less than 20 minutes.

• The finished apples are nice and crispy, not chewy. An air fryer apple chip is nice, you can actually hear the crunch when you take a bite.

• It is way cheaper, cost-effective.

Now that we have established the reason for using an air fryer, lets now take you through the process itself.

Making an Air Fryer Apple Chips

• The first step is to prepare the apples, some prefer to use a mandolin on the thinnest setting (2.5mm) to slice the chips quite thinly, basically because of the finesse it brings to the art.

• If you don’t have a mandolin, the slices may be a bit thick and you may need to adjust the cooking time a bit, but if you can slice the chips as thin as the mandolin, then it’s worth the try.

• Place your apples in the air fryer basket, try your best to get them in a single layer. This is because we are going to rotate the apple slices during air frying.

• Place the rack over the apples.

• Close your air fryer basket and set it on 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 16 minutes, and open the basket and flip while rotating the apples.

• Once the timer is done, the apple slices will not feel crisp but hardened, with little flexibility. Remove the apples from the air fryer basket and lay them on a plate. Allow it cool for 5-10 minutes and they will crisp up in a minute.

Now that you know how to make apple chips in an air fryer, you are good to go. Sit down and enjoy your crispy chips.

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