If you are a native of the Southern European region, Latin America, Indonesia, or love the Filipino culture, you probably know the Empanadas. However, rather than the conventional method of frying your Empanadas, you can make this amazing recipe using an air fryer. This way, you aren't just feeding your body with your favorite meal but also eating a super healthy snack.

An Empanada is a baked or fried turnover consisting of pastry and filling. And with the right ingredients and know-how, you'll be making this recipe right from your kitchen.

However, apart from showing you how to make the Empanada, we'll also give you some recommendations on best air fryers you need to make this recipe.

Ingredients and Procedure to make an Air Fried Empanada

What You Need

* Some lean ground beef, 3 ounces would be just fine

* A quarter cup of chopped white onion

* Chopped garlic, two teaspoons

* Paprika, a quarter teaspoon

* Chopped cremini mushrooms, 3 ounces

* Grounded Cuming, a quarter teaspoon

* Very little grounded cinnamon

* Some chopped tomatoes, about half cup

* 6 chopped pitted green onions

* Olive oil, one tablespoon

* Gyoza wrappers, eight squares

* 1 lightly beaten large egg

The Process

Phase 1

Step #1: Heat some oil

Step #2: Add beef and onion

Step #3: Keep stirring till they turn brown (this shouldn't take more than three munites)

Step #4: Add mushroom to oil and continue staring until its starting to go brown as well

Step #5: It's now time to add garlic, olives, cumin, paprika, and cinnamon

Step #6: Continue cooking until mushrooms are tender and released most of their liquid

Step #7: Add your sliced tomatoes, stare for about a minute more, and your Empanada filling is ready

Step #8: Transfer filling into a bowl and leave it to cool off

Phase 2

Step #1: Place your Gyoza wrappers on your work surface

Step #2: Pour about one and a half tablespoon of your filling at the center of each gyoza wrapper

Step #3: Brush wrapper edges with egg mixture

Step #4: Fold wrappers over and pinch edges to lock filling in

Step #5: Fill the remaining wrapper with your source filling and lock them in as well

Phase 3

Step #1: Place your Empanadas into your air fryer basket. Make sure they are not touching each other

Step #2: Cook at 400F

Step #3: In five to six minutes, your air fried Empanadas should be ready. You'll know it is cooked when the body turns slightly brown

Step #4: Repeat the same process till all other Empanadas are cooked

You are ready to serve your favorite snack, the air fried Empanadas.

Some top Air Fryer Recommendations for Empanadas Recipe

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You probably didn't know it was that easy to make an Empanadas recipe using an air fryer. Now you know. You can put it to practice this weekend. You can also experiment with many other sauces. You'll become a perfectionist at this in no time.