Air fryers vs instant pot, which is better? Now don't be too quick to answer since there are unique differences that set either apart. However, one of them allows you to cook more easily, and most importantly, ensure that you eat healthily. Thus, if you want to make your favourite meal fast, and stay in great shape, we'll show you which you should go for.

But first,

What is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a convection oven that circulates hot air around your food quickly and continuously to give it a fried texture. It enables you to prepare crispy food using little or no oil. A review of air fryer vs deep fryers also shows that air-fried foods are healthy since their calorie content is lower compared to deep-fried foods. It is also worth noting that air fryers come with other built-in functions to enable you air fry, air roast, air broil, toast, grill, bake, bagel, dehydrate, and keep food warm.

In line with that, you can get some of the best air fryers with rotisserie like the NuWave 10-quart Brio, thereby allowing you to roast a whole chicken. There are also several pros and cons of owning an air fryer which you can check out since they'll help you decide if you need an appliance of this nature. Now, a list of things you can make with an air fryer include:

  • Steak
  • Bacon
  • Bread
  • Seafood
  • Shrimp
  • Desserts
  • French fries
  • Root Vegetables

What is an Instant Pot

An instant pot cooks using pressure and steam, and it can be used as an alternative to a list of cooking appliances. Hence it is a multi-purpose cooking device. This electric pressure cooker can be used to cook rice, roast meats, and vegetables, pressure cook, sauté foods, amongst other things. Each of these can be prepared at the press of a button, however, it does not include air frying. As such, you still have to purchase an air fryer if you want to eat oil-free fried foods.

The list of things you can cook with an instant pot include:

  • Rice
  • Eggs
  • Soups
  • Yoghurt
  • Poultry
  • Porridge
  • Chili/Bean
  • Stew/Meat
  • Multigrain
  • Vegetables
  • Flavoured yoghurts

Instant Pot vs Air Fryer Which is Better?

Air fryers and instant pots are among the most popular kitchen appliances. If you've ever wondered, "is an instant pot better than an air fryer?" here's what you should know.

1. Versatility:

Air fryers can be used to air fry, broil, bake, toast, roast, grill, keep food warm, and a range of other things. Therefore, you only need a single appliance to make each of these possible. Instant pots also offer versatile use and take it one step further to enable you to make yoghurt, cook rice, eggs, etc, but you can't use them to air-fry. Therefore, if your goal is to eat oil-free delicious crispy foods, you need an air fryer.

2. Healthy Eating:

If you love fried foods, but still want to eat healthily, it may be a bit difficult. That's no longer the case since excess oil that would mean more calorie intake is limited when you cook with an air fryer. This appliance cooks with 80% less oil and does not immerse your food in a pot of oil. An instant pot, on the contrary, cannot be fried with, hence, you may have to fall back on a deep fryer that drenches food in oil. Therefore, these two appliances may provide versatile use, but one cooks with little or no oil.

3. Size:

Air fryers are in different sizes and so are instant pots. However, the average air fryer is smaller than an average instant pot. And this means you can find top-rated small air fryers that are portable enough to fit a little space on your countertop. They won't look out of place in a small kitchen. Also, you can travel with them or go camping.

4. Ease of Use:

Air fryers are simple appliances that do not need any technical knowledge before you start using one. Even if you're a newbie, you can get it working in no time. These appliances also come with presets and auto-timer off feature to make cooking a breeze. However, the same can't be said for instant pots because cooking gets easier as you familiarize yourself with the machine.

How to Turn Your Instant Pot into An Air Fryer?

Lots of people have asked, "can you use an instant pot as an air fryer?" Yes, if you know how to turn your instant pot into an air fryer. So if you'll rather save up to buy one of the best air fryers later, you can still meet your quest to eat an oil-free food using the appliance you already have. And in this case, it can be a six or eight-quart pressure cooker such as an instant pot.

Mealthy CrispLid Air Fryer Converter is the attachment to use. It enables you to enjoy the features of an instant pot and an air fryer all on the same machine. This Instant Pot-enhancing tool comes with accessories including an air fryer basket, stainless steel tongs, etc. Its price is $49.95. To use it, you need to secure the lid, set the cooking temperature, and wait for your crispy food to be made.


After comparing the air fryer vs instant pot differences, you are in a better position to decide which can be more beneficial to you. Will you like to eat healthy food that is free of excess oil to avoid potential health challenges? If that's a yes, then an air fryer is your best bet. Nonetheless, whether you choose an air fryer or instant pot, eating with moderation is still the best practice.

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