The Modernhome Aria air fryer accessories and instructions have been outlined below to give you a good idea of what this appliance offers and how to maintain it. First off, this unit is a large-capacity air fryer given its interior space of 10 quarts. As such, it can be used to cook for a large family or a small party. It'll hold large servings of food at a time and also ensure that you spend less time cleaning after yourself, thanks to its dishwasher safe parts.

In line with that, the Aria digital air fryer is moderately priced since it costs under $150. Therefore, you can get a unit that will serve you for a long time thanks to its high-quality design. Now let's show you the accessories of this unit and what its manual contains. The latter will especially be useful to ensure you maintain the appliance in a way that maintains its performance for a long time.

Aria Air Fryer Accessories

Several free accessories are parceled with the Aria air fryer to improve the way you cook and the things you can do with this unit. Some of these accessories include:

1. Rotisserie:

The first accessory is the rotisserie, which can be used to roast a whole chicken at a time. Stick the chicken on the rotisserie part and it'll be rotated 360° to get your meat cooking. This rotation ensures that you end up with delicious evenly cooked meat.

2. Basket and Mesh Trays:

The rotating air fryer basket on this unit is another part it comes with. Its rotating nature allows your food to be cooked uniformly. Furthermore, there are three mesh trays in this device, and they allow you to split your food into sizable portions to be cooked separately at the same time. So, you can make vegetables on one side, fish on the other, and meat on the third.  Or you can choose to make different portions of the same food simultaneously, which ensures that each rack is not overcrowded.

3. Dehydrator:

The mesh tray can also be used to take advantage of the unit's dehydration mode that allows your food to be preserved. For instance, you can preserve your meat, fruits, vegetables, etc. with just a touch of a button. Hence, you do not only get to bake, grill, roast, broil, etc. with this appliance, but your foods can also be made to last for a long time. All it takes is to reduce the amount of water in them and they won't go bad easily.

Safe Accessories:

The Aria air fryer accessories are made of stainless steel, and as such, they are safe for use. The latter is because they are Teflon-free, hence, do not add extra smell or taste to your food. These parts are also FDA-Approved, BPA-Free, PTFE-Free, and PFOA-Free.

It may also interest you to know that you can wash these parts easily using a dishwasher. Place them in the machine and they'll get cleaned in no time. Consequently, it saves you from spending half the time used in cooking on cleaning the appliance. And given that it is often recommended that you clean the unit after each use to maintain its performance for a long time, it'll be easier to adhere.

Aria Digital Air Fryer Instructions

Several Aria digital air fryer instructions have been provided in its manual to ensure you use the unit the right way. Some of these are:

1. Usage:

a. Powering the Appliance:

  • Place the air fryer on an even surface before plugging it into a grounded wall socket.

b. Set Up Air Fryer with Presets:

  • Press the On/Off button to select a preset
  • After selection, hit the On/Off button to start air fryer

c. Setting Cook Time & Temperature Manually:

  • Press the On/Off button on the air fryer
  • Select the arrows to adjust the cooking temperature
  • Also, use the arrows to adjust the cooking time

2. Cleaning:

a. Before First Use:

You need to clean the unit thoroughly before using it for the first time. Therefore, take off its packaging materials as well as tape, plastic, and labels. Use warm water and non-abrasive sponge to clean the racks, basket, and accessories. The frying basket, grill rack, stirring Arm, and accessories have a non-stick coating, which makes it ideal to use a non-abrasive sponge to prevent the coating from going off. The point is, do not clean these parts using an abrasive sponge or metal scouring pad.

b. After Use:

Modernhome also recommends that you clean the device after every use. However, you need to let it cool off first for at least 30 minutes if it has just been used. You can remove the frying basket and accessories to help the appliance cool faster. Also, unplug the unit from a power source, before using hot water and a small amount of soap to clean the frying basket, grill rack, and stirring arm.

In contrast, only use hot water and an abrasive sponge to clean the unit's interior. Its outer part can be wiped with a moist cloth. If you plan on storing the unit for a long time, unplug the unit and let it cool down. Clean all the parts and replace them in the box. You can now store in a cool, dry place.


Now that you know the Aria air fryer accessories and instructions, you have a better idea of what this unit offers. It'll allow you to cook food of large sizes and at the same time, maintain the appliance in the best possible way. And even if you do not have this unit, it is a recommendable air fryer you should buy.