Are you on a budget, hence, looking for a budget-friendly air fryer? We present to you the best air fryers for $50 or less.

However, a sound warning; don't expect much from them. These air fryers are cheap for a reason. If it's your first time with air fryers and you want to try them out first, you may look into these low budget air fryers. As you fall in love with these fantastic gadgets (as most of us did), you should look into buying top rated air fryers from the best brands in the market today.

Nevertheless, these low budget air fryers can do as much as other air fryers. They can fry, grill, back, and even roast your favorite meals with little to no oil.

Without further ado, let's jump right into the list.

#1. The Elite Platinum EAF-801 Air Fryer

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The Elite Platinum EAF-801 is a 2.3 quarts air fryer. This would be sufficient for singles, students, and maybe a family of two persons.

With this air fryer, you can still enjoy your crispy veggie chips, fish filets, chicken tenders, and more without fats or oil. With its controllable temperature, you'll always get all foods made with this air fryer well cooked. Whats more, its basted is dishwasher safe and using a damp cloth to clean every other part frequently, this air fryer will look as good as new at all times.

#2. Dash Compact Air Fryer Oven

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The Dash Compact Air Fryer was featured in our best cheap air fryers for 2020 review. Dash has also made its way into the air fryer market, making it one of the best brands of air fryers to buy. However, the Dash Compact air fryer reduces fats in meals up to 80%. With its AirCrisp Technology, eliminating deep frying is oil, you can be sure of that same great taste while eating a much healthier meal. Compared to the Elite Platinum, this air fryer is pretty small. It's a 1.2 quarts capacity air fryer. This will fit perfectly on your countertop. Or if you are looking for a travel companion, this would be it.

#3. The Bella 1.6 Quarts Air Convection Fryer

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The Bella Air Convection Fryer is yet another low budget air fryer. This air convection fryer gives you a healthier alternative to deep-frying. With little or no oil, you can cook up to three pounds of food in its 1.5-liter capacity basket, the result, an evenly cooked and crisp food. It cooks super fast too. It heats up to 400 F. the parts are also dishwasher safe.

#4. The Copper Chef Turbo Cyclonic Air Fryer XL

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Are you looking to make your favorite recipe - french fries, chicken breasts, steak, fish tacos, etc., the Copper Chef Turbo Cyclonic Air Fryer XL got you covered. The air fryer's RapidAir Technology creates a whirlwind of turbo cyclonic air, which ensures meals are cooked evenly and healthily. It's a 2 quarts air fryer, sufficient enough for one or two servings at most. This air fryer also heats up to 400 F. It's dishwasher safe and easy to clean up.

#5. The Culinary Edge Compact Electric Air Fryer

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Like other low-budget air fryers, the Culinary Edge Compact Electric Air Fryer can cook, roast, and bake foods quickly and accurately. Foods made with this air fryer are 70% less fatty, presenting you with healthier meals while compared to deep frying. Its removable basket is dishwasher safe and exterior, easy to clean.


Now you have the list of top best air fryers under $50. They are cheap and easy to maintain. However, you want to look into buying larger air fryers in the long run. And if you have a large family, consider the 10 QT air fryers and even much larger ones.