Most people who are not models love pizza rolls. These frozen foods work perfectly with the Philips Airfryer Avance that costs about $300. During a cooking test conducted by, pizza rolls were able to cook uniformly. The air fryer cooked the pizza rolls better than an oven and made them crispier than a microwave.

But the device is not for those who cannot handle processed cheese. When it comes to other foods, the appliance can cook them fresh as opposed to frozen. Such foods include chicken wings and French fries. However, the air fryer cannot outperform an oven when it comes to these foods. Moreover, you will take the same time to cook fresh food in an oven and the fryer.

The Philips Airfryer Avance has become very popular this year. But popularity is no reason to buy this air fryer if you have an oven. If you want to warm snacks, a toaster oven is better than this air fryer. A toaster oven has more features than the Avance or other air fryers of the same category. If you really need an air fryer, there are other cheaper options, which have similar performance to the Avance.


The Philips Airfryer Avance offers the performance power found in a standard oven. However, it is more compact and can fit on a countertop. You cook by placing food in its basket, putting the basket inside the fryer, and choosing the cooking temperature and time using a control dial placed above the handle of the basket. Heated air will blow over the food during cooking. When it comes to the majority of frozen foods, you will need to remove food midway and mix them to ensure uniform cooking.

While the air fryer is compact, it will take significant space on the countertop. Moreover, the space used for cooking inside the appliance is smaller than is to be expected. The device will hold 1.76 pounds of food, which is tinier than the T-Fal Actifry FZ7002 and the Airfryer XXL. Hence, you cannot cook food for a big number of people. It can suffice for up to three people.

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Testing reports that it was easy to heat frozen snacks. When used to cook pizza rolls, frozen fries, and mozzarella sticks, the results were desirable. When the manufacturer’s recommended cooking times were used, the food came out well cooked. The food batches were hot in the middle and covered in a crunchy crust. The food was cooked in half the time it would take to cook them in a regular oven.

However, when it came to cooking foods created from frozen ingredients, the results were undesirable. The test included batches of chicken wings, hamburger patties, and thin-cut fries. The hamburger patties took 21 minutes longer to cook than in an oven. The other foods also took longer than it would take to cook them in an oven. However, the thin-cut French fries came out best among all the fresh foods. The French fries were crispy and golden brown, and it took 19 minutes to cook them. The hamburger patties came out okay, but their texture was spongy and lacked an external char. The chicken wings were also decent, although the skin was not crispy but gummy. It also took 19 minutes to cook them.


·         It works perfectly well when you are heating frozen foods such as pizza rolls and mozzarella sticks.

·         It is simple to use


·         It can’t replace an oven when it comes to preparing fresh foods such as chicken wings and homemade French fries.

·         It costs almost $300, which is too expensive considering the restrictions in capabilities

·         Performance can be mediocre at best

What’s the Conclusion?

If you like other foods other than pizza rolls, then this air fryer and others like it are not for you. When it comes to heating frozen appetizers, the Avance does not disappoint. If you love pizza rolls enough to have a dedicated air fryer, then the Philips Airfryer Avance is for you.

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