How air fryers work:

Air fryers work by circulating hot air through the food it is cooking. The hot air is produced by electric heating elements that super-heat the air within the fryer and the convection current carries hot air through and around the food material being cooked. Minimal oil is required to achieve a crisp finish because heat is supplied evenly unlike open pan frying or deep frying where more heat is supplied on one side more than the others.

Furthermore, air convection currents are faster at circulating heat than liquid (oil or water) currents, therefore food is cooked within a shorter time. This revolutionary cooking method makes air fryers applicable in frying, grilling, roasting and even baking!

Air fryers work by making use of the Maillard reaction, which basically means when food is under high heat, its surface becomes dehydrated and forms a crust. The reason fried, roasted and baked foods have complex flavors is that the intense heat breaks down proteins, fibers and starches within the crust, giving them the delicious taste.

Features and components:

Cosori Air Fryers come in different models. However, this article will highlight their commonly shared features.

1.      Size and Serving Capacity

The 3.7 quart models serve 2 to 3 people in a single cook session.

The 5.8 quart models serve 3 to 5 people in a single cook session.

2.      Temperature Settings:

Cosori air fryers operate between 170 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit (77-205 degrees Celsius). Cosori appliances are made for users in diverse backgrounds, so their fryers allow you to change the temperature display units between Celsius and Fahrenheit. It boasts the 360° Air Circulation technology which creates a mini cyclone of hot air within the basket, providing the circulation necessary to evenly cook the food.

3.      Components:

The air fryer has a simple, compact design with a frying basket that fits into a compartment at the bottom. The basket comes in 3.7 quarts (approximately 4 litres) and 5.8 quarts (approximately 6.6 litres) capacity. It has a handle for removing the basket and shaking the contents to fry the food more evenly. The top of the fryer is the control panel, usually with a set of knobs for temperature and time control or a digital display with all the functions at the touch of a screen. The cooking ability of these models swing between air frying, baking and roasting. This offers different cooking presets including steak, chicken, bacon, seafood, shrimp, frozen foods, French fries, vegetables, root vegetables, bread and dessert. The provided presets can be customized to achieve any cooking setting the user desires. Additionally, a pre-heat setting is available, which improves the food texture and allows it to be crispier by letting it cook a little longer A limited warranty of 1-2 years is provided depending on the model.

A variety of extra accessories can be added including a cake pan, metal holder, multipurpose rack with skewers, pizza pans, egg bites mold with a lid or even silicone mats. These increase he functionality of the air fryer and offer several cooking applications.

4.      Pricing:

Cosori Air Fryer 1500W   3.4QT  -$89.99

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Cosori Air Fryer 1500W         3.7QT  -$99.99

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Cosori Air Fryer 1700W          5.8QT -$119.99

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1.      Healthy Meals.

If you are looking to control your cholesterol intake, air fryers are the way to go. With one of these you can use 85 percent less oil to cook fried foods, and in a much shorter time. Less greasy food means less cholesterol builds up in your blood vessels and your circulatory system remains in good shape.

2.      Faster food preparation.

Using convection currents to cook speeds up the process because heat is circulated faster than having to heat up a surface like a pot to cook your meals. This also saves you time and uses less power than an electric cooker for example

3.      Environment friendly

Air fryers keep the environment safe by cutting down on power usage due to its shorter cook times. Premium models consume about 1500 watts of power, which is a little more than an iron and a little less than a clothes dryer. They also have minimal spillage and splatter like deep fryers, keeping your kitchen clean.

4.      Simple and Functional

Air fryers typically use knobs and dials to simply control cook time and temperature. Some have a digital display to indicate the different controls and provide an interface to execute the controls easily. All you have to do is add oil to the basket, toss the food in and the air fryer does its job in a matter of moments.

5.      Safety

Thanks to the absence of large oil vessels like deep fryers, the danger of oil burns and splashes is eliminated, also owing to its enclosed design. In addition, a shutdown feature is added after three minutes of inactivity and automatically after removing the basket. The housing and basket handle is designed to remain cool to the touch even at hundreds of degrees, keeping users safe from accidental contact burns.

Application in keto dieting:

Ketogenic (keto) dieting refers to a food consumption plan that is low on carbs and high on fat. Blood sugar is the primary fuel source for your body, and when it is in short supply fat is burned. Since your organs cannot directly consume fat, your liver convert’s fat to an alternative fuel called ketones. Ketones can then be used as primary fuel source and in the process, speeds up the breakdown of fatty tissues in your body without starvation. This can be a great way to start you weight loss journey, control type 2 Diabetes or simply keep your fitness on its toes.

When your body produces ketones, it enters a state called ketosis. This can be achieved quickly through fasting. However, you cannot fast indefinitely. Keto diets allow you to keep eating while still remaining in ketosis. This offers a means to an end, the end being achieving weight loss and fitness without needing to fast.

Low carb keto diets require minimal bread, potatoes and other starch rich foods. However, the high fat and protein diet that results also offers rich nutrition without sacrificing on flavor. Chicken, beef, eggs and other fat rich protein sources compliment natural fats like avocados and nuts to keep you in ketosis.

Cosori air fryers offer a safe, efficient way to prepare healthy keto diets with minimal oil usage and short preparation times.