As of late, a developing number of makers have begun to advertise convection toaster broilers as air fryers. We tried nine of these new models for this update, yet we at last found that the Cuisinart Chef's Convection Toaster Oven beat them all (despite the fact that it's not called an "air fryer," fundamentally). It remains our pick as the best apparatus for air searing nourishment, significantly after we tried air fryers for over 100 hours.

The Cuisinart's huge limit, various fan speeds, and valuable adornments make it an undeniably more adaptable apparatus for air broiling than any of the unit formed air fryers we tried.

With regards to air searing, our top pick toaster broiler, the Cuisinart Chef's Convection Toaster Oven (TOB-260N1), delivered preferred outcomes over any of the air fryers we've tried since 2017, and it additionally has more adornments. The Cuisinart delivered crispier, all the more equally prepared nourishment, and it effectively obliges significantly more than a run of the mill case formed air fryer does—including up to nine cuts of toast, a 6-pound chicken, a 9-inch cake, or a 13-inch pizza. It likewise accompanies more helpful embellishments than any air fryer we tried, in light of the fact that it incorporates a preparing plate, a clay pizza stone, and two stove racks. You don't have to purchase any exceptional gear to prepare in the Cuisinart toaster stove, as you do with air fryers. A 8-or 9-inch cake dish or a standard portion skillet will fit with space to save.

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Below we have compiled a details performance for the Cuisinart ovens. Read to know the details.

Cooking capacity

The Cuisinart Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven is a full-size model  that has plenty of capacity to handle six slices of toast, a 12-inch  frozen pizza or roast a 3-lb chicken. The Cuisinart Chef’s Convection  Toaster Oven offers more interior capacity  than the  highly-popular Breville Smart Oven line, and dwarfs the Hamilton Beach Set & Forget Toaster Oven and Kenmore digital oven. In fact, the Cuisinart’s interior is large enough that it can actually cook with two interior racks at once (included in the box), a major  benefit.

The downside to the extra capacity is the extra counter space it  takes up in your kitchen. With my dainty NYC- sized kitchen, the  Cuisinart was too big an appliance.

Cooking performance

Toasting performance

Any device having toaster in its name should be able to  toast; something older Cuisinart never were up to the level for. However, the new  Cuisinart is far better, with bread relatively equally toasted between  top and bottom. The Cuisinart also offers a “bagel mode”, which lets you  brown just the top part of your bagel or English muffin. Interestingly, we found that toasting finery has a lot to do with the bread than the toaster. The top of the slice was consistently more toasted than  the bottom, regardless of toaster or orientation. We presume this is  due to lower moisture levels at the top of the loaf. So this is a clear improvement.

Roasting frozen pizza:

For this again, we have compared with the same ovens. What we found that the pizza gets heated up in lesser time in cuisinart, but then again, the heated pizza is not that even. Due to its air fryer structure, the sides heat up more than middle and there is a lack of even-ness. The others, while took time, cooked more evenly and thorough. But in the same case, the better suggestion therefore will be to customize your temparature according to the softness and texture you like in your pizza. Also, our food testers commented that however it may look like, the pizza got properly cooked and therefore it is properly useful to cook frozen pizza.

Roasting chicken:

Whatever the performance have been in the other cases, one equipment has to be able to cook perfect chicken before we can call it a "oven". For this we have taken identical 4 pieces of chickens, marinated them with herbs and spices and then used the 4 of our ovens to cook. While all of the fryers resulted really good in the final meat, the cuisinart performed it as a real art. The fried texture of brown skin, the soft inner and the "speed convection" has really established this to be one hell of a oven!

We did some other tests as baking cookies, pizza rolls, salmon and other stuffs. But that was more to enjoy the delicacies of this excellent fryer rather to test it. The takeaway here is basically, the cuisinart chef's convection oven, also known as a Toaster Oven (TOB-260N1) is one of the best choices to buy and if you are planning to pack a big meal in a short time, this should sit on your kitchen already.

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