Here's a review of the Dash compact air fryer (DCAF150GBAQ02) that will give you a good idea of this unit's functionality. Asides from helping you cut down your oil consumption, this unit meets your need for crispy foods. It's also one of the best small air fryers on the market thanks to its cheap price and impressive features.

And for the initiated, check here to learn how air fryers work, and what makes them a better alternative to deep fryers and instant pots. You can also see how best to maintain an air fryer after getting one. That aside, here’s a review of some of the best features of the Dash compact air fryer:

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1. Design:

The Dash compact air fryer is one of the smallest air fryers given its capacity of 2 quarts. It is, therefore, an ideal device for small kitchens, apartments, or going camping. Also, this unit can support cooking for two people at a time. What's more, you get to choose this appliance in different colors including Aqua, Black, Grey, Red, and White. Hence, you'll have a unit that blends with your kitchen's design.

2. Versatility:

There are several cooking methods to try with the Dash compact air fryer. You can air fry, bake, grill, etc. As such, you can try pork chop recipes, bacon-wrapped onion recipe, chicken nugget recipes and so much more. What's more, desserts, French fries, appetizers, are just a few things you can make with this unit.

3. Technology:

This appliance takes advantage of AirCrisp technology to reduce as much as 70% of oil in your food. It does this without changing the delicious taste of your food. Much more, the residual smell is not leftover on the food. There's also an auto-off feature on this unit to ensure you can set the timer and get your hands busy with other things. And your food won't still overcook. Coupled with that, the nonstick basket of this unit is dishwasher safe.

4. Price & Customer Reviews

The Dash compact air fryer sells for $45.99, which makes it considerably cheap. You get to spend less than 50 bucks to own an air fryer that is a portable, sleek design, and cooks well. Per the reviews of previous buyers, it was used to cook chicken thighs for one person and it came out nicely.  Frozen breaded chicken tenders, sweet potato fries, shrimp, fish, turkey burgers, were some things that were made with it.

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The Dash compact air fryer features outlined above show that this is an inexpensive air fryer that will offer your delicious crispy food whenever you want. It's biggest selling points are its portable size, cheap price, and versatility. Accordingly, buy the Dash compact air fryer today especially if you're trying appliances of this nature for the first time.