If you've purchased an air fryer, then it is essential to know how to clean the appliance before its first use. Good knowledge of this will ensure that you do not use the wrong materials that could damage its internal components.

Just so you know, air fryers are appliances used for baking, roasting, grilling, and so on. This machine circulates hot air around the food, which gives it a dry and crispy taste. As such, it takes away the need to soil the food in cooking oil. Some foods that can be prepared with air fryers include pizza, chicken, steak, etc.

How to Clean an Air Fryer

Because air fryers aren't like your regular pots, they are electronic gadgets that need to be carefully handled. And now that you've gotten yourself a new air fryer (if you haven't, click here), the following steps will show you how to clean your newly acquired air fryer for the first time.

1. Remove All the Packaging Materials

Remove the air fryer from its packaging and choose a suitable spot in your kitchen to place it. Also, take off the stickers or labels that were attached to the appliance to make better use of the machine. It will ensure that these labels do not create a mess or leave spots when the air fryer is cleansed with liquid.

2. Clean the Basket and Pan with Soap and Water

Use hot water, washing-up liquid, and non-abrasive sponge to clean the basket and pan. A dishwasher can be employed in this case if the manufacturer has stated this in the instruction manual that the machine is dishwasher-safe.

3. Dry the Air Fryer

You can now proceed to dry the basket and pan with a moist cloth before assembling them. Now, your appliance is ready for use.

Air Fryer Deep Cleaning Tips

You may find these air fryer in-depth cleaning tips useful soon, especially when you can't seem to mask the odd odor coming from the appliance. It could be as a result of food particles sticking to the sides of the machine over time. The simple solution here is to:

  • Mix baking soda with water to form a paste
  • Use the paste and a scrub brush to clean the air fryer's interior thoroughly.
  • If the dirt is stuck to the pan, you can add some liquid soap to hot water and soak the pan for 10 minutes.

The tips above will remove these particles without causing damage to the machine. Other suggestions you need to keep in mind are:

1. Clean the Appliance After Use

The best time to clean an air fryer is immediately after use, which will ensure that food particles do not stick to the sides and become hard to remove. Likewise, it will prevent these crumbs from adhering to other meals cooked with the same machine. Before cleaning, ensure that the device is unplugged from the power source and cooled after use.

2. Do Not Use Sharp Objects to Clean the Machine

You might be tempted to use a sharp object or a metallic kitchen utensil to pick food particles from the machine. This is not advisable since it can damage the appliance's non-stick coating and which could affect its operation. Similarly, do not use abrasive cleaning materials on the machine.

3. Clean the Machine's Exterior with a Damp Cloth

Air fried meals may require little oil to cook, and as such, there will be little greasy residue left on its exterior. That being the case, use a clean damp cloth to wipe the outer part of the machine. This exercise will keep it neat and free from any oil residue left behind.

4. Refer to the Air Fryer's Instruction Manual

Air fryers usually come with an instruction manual; hence, you can also refer to this manual to see how best you can care for your new device to prolong its life span. It'll serve you well when its adequately used, and therefore give you your money's worth in the long run.


Now that you know how to clean your air fryer immediately after purchase and after you've begun using it, it becomes easier to manage it. How well you maintain it from the onset can go a long way to determine its durability. Now you can enjoy your nicely cooked meal and leave your air fryer smelling fresh at all times.