Confused about what air fryer to buy? Why not go by a checklist which gives you a good idea on how to pick a good air fryer. Air fryers are worth every dime; however, you can only get the best value for your money only if you pick out what would serve you well. This, therefore, makes an air fryer buying guide needful when choosing an appliance that meets your expectation to cook 100% healthy dishes at home.

That being said, you won't be carried away by the device's design, brand, or popularity. Instead, you'll be focused on its functionality, durability, and so on. Therefore, consider the following tips when choosing the best air fryer, which will serve your needs in every way.

What's your Budget

It's essential to set a budget even before you look at the available air fryers on the market. The aim is to avoid being swayed by a more expensive machine since it does not always translate into a better device. On that note, air fryers are priced between $100 to $150 on average. And with that in mind, the best air fryer will be one that gives you excellent quality for your money's worth.

What Type of Air Fryer do you Prefer?

There are two types of air fryers, and the first comes with a pull-out tray. With this air fryer, you can place food on the tray or basket, and then slot it in. You will also need to pull out the tray to check as cooking progresses. The second type of air fryer is one with a bowl, which means you can check food without bringing it out. To that effect, you need to choose a type that lets you cook conveniently.

Consider the Number of People you'll be Cooking for

Air fryers are available in different capacities ranging between 2 and 5.8 quarts. The size you settle for is dependent on the number of people you will be cooking for. Will you be cooking just for yourself, or a family of two, three or four? If it's a large family, then you need an air fryer that is around 5.8 quarts. Choosing the right capacity is vital to prevent overcrowding of the basket and to block the proper circulation of hot air.

A Big or Small Air Fryer?

Another tip on how to pick a good air fryer is to consider its size since the appliance needs to fit in nicely on the countertop. These appliances can also be placed in the cabinet, and as such, the size you settle for should sit conveniently in either of these spaces. What's more, the right size will ensure that the air fryer blends with other appliances in the kitchen instead of looking out of place.

Stay Manual or Go Digital

Some air fryers are built with digital timers, while others feature a manual timer that enables you to set how long your food needs to be cooked. With a digital air fryer, you can quickly tell how much time your food will cook. In contrast, a manual timer could make it a bit challenging to ascertain the wait time before food is ready. However, it could also be a good thing, ensuring meals are properly cooked and not stopping out along the way.

What You Make on the Regular should Determine What Air Fryer is Best

Air fryers provide a range of functionality that allows you to bake, roast, fry, grill, etc. Hence, you need to be on the lookout for a machine that offers some, if not all, of these features. It will ensure that you can cook various types of food, including Pizza, chicken nuggets, chips, etc.

Consider How Easy it is to Maintain

An air fryer you're about to settle for should be easy to maintain since it is advisable to clean it after every use to prevent food particles from being left inside the machine. If particles are trapped within the appliance, it could make foods have an odor of previously cooked meals. Some air fryers have parts like the basket/bowl and stirring paddle that is dishwasher safe; hence, you can wash them with a machine.

Go for an Air Fryer with a Warranty

An air fryer with an extended warranty will give you the guarantee that it's durable. Moreover, if it breaks down before its stipulated time, you can get a repair or replacement from the manufacturer. Therefore, choose an air fryer that offers one or two years warranty, instead of an appliance whose guarantee extends to only a couple of days. The Cosori air fryer could be your best choice. You can also check out our review on the best air fryers for 2020.

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These tips on how to pick a good air fryer will enable you to choose the best appliance out there. They center on the machine's capacity, size, performance, among other important features that will help you prepare a healthy meal. What's more, this checklist ensures that the machine you settle for is the best in its price range.

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