The Philips Viva collection air fryer with a capacity of 800 grams (HD9220/20) has won the hearts of lovers of air-fried foods given that over 7 million units have been sold, according to its manufacturer. The HD9220/2 has remarkable features that have once again shown why Philips is a popular brand in the market. This does not come as a surprise since these great features are also sported by the top 5 Philips air fryers for 2020.

And for the uninitiated, air fryers are convectional ovens that enable you to air fry, bake, grill, roast, etc. Hence, you can make tasty keto recipes, pork chops, chicken, and several other foods with this appliance. It gets better! Air fryers are healthy, and they are better alternatives to deep fryers and instant pots. However, you need to choose one of the best out there, which is why our review of the Philips Viva collection air fryer 800gr will show you why this unit is a good buy.

1. Design:

The Philips Airfryer HD9220/20 comes with a unique design and it uses Rapid Air Technology to circulate hot air around your food. As such, you get food that is crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and with 80% less fat. In line with that, you can decide to fry, roast, bake and grill the tastiest snacks and meals using this appliance.

The versatility of this unit makes it a multicooker you may want to try. Its food tray, for instance, comes with two parts, which are an inner wire basket and an outer part. This makes it very easy to pull out the tray halfway to see how far your cooking has gone.

2. Capacity:

The HD9220/20 also has a capacity of 0.8kg or 800 grams, and as such, you can make small-sized portions at a time. The small capacity of this appliance makes it suitable for a single person since small servings have to be made at a time. Nonetheless, its portable size ensures that you can fit it nicely on a small space on your countertop.

But if you decide to hit the road with this machine, it's entirely easy to pack and travel. So, imagine what it would be like to eat air-fried foods while camping or in an RV. It all begins with choosing a portable air fryer of this nature.

3. Cooking Temperature:

Given that more or less heat is required to make certain types of food, the HD9220/20 comes with adjustable time and temperature. The aim is to give you the flexibility to control the cooking temperature. The cooking time, for instance, can be set up to 30 minutes, and it turns off automatically once the timer count is over.

The temperature control, on the other hand, allows you to choose the best cooking temperature. You can set the appliance's heat lower, minimal, or higher. Specifically, the cooking temperature of this unit ranges from 80-200°C. At that range, crispy golden-brown fries, chicken, snacks, are just a list of things you can prepare.

4. Maintenance:

One of the pros of air fryers lies in their ease of maintenance since they cook with less oil. You do not have to deal with excess grease lying on your counter or utensils because you chose today to make fried chicken. Similarly, you do not have to deal with cleaning a large oven. While ease of maintenance is an advantage, the Philips HD9220/20 is a dishwasher safe air fryer.

Consequently, you can place its nonstick coated drawer and food basket in a dishwasher to clean easily and faster. This ensures that you spend less time cleaning after cooking. And remember, one of the ways to maintain your air fryer is to clean it after every use. Therefore, you can achieve this task since there's an easier means of cleaning.

5. Price and Customer Reviews:

The Philips Viva collection air fryer (HD9220/20) costs £99.99. Based on this price, it is an affordable air fryer that should be your first choice if you're just trying out air-fried foods for the first time. Also, this low fat fryer can serve you well until you decide to upgrade to a bigger or more expensive air fryer. It may also interest you to know that this unit comes with a 2-year warranty, allowing you to get it fixed if it gets damaged before the stipulated time.

On the other hand, the reviews by previous buyers of the HD9220/20 reveals that this unit cooks anything and it performs faster than a conventional oven. What's more, it can be used to roast vegetables or potatoes, heat up a sandwich, cook chicken, samosas, pork chops, etc. It was also noted that this appliance is easy to clean.

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The Philips Viva collection air fryer 800gr packs in a lot of great features, yet it maintains an affordable price. As such, if you're looking for the best cheap air fryers around £100, this would be it. Now let’s take it somewhere awesome where you buy this unit and grace your kitchen to meet your need for delicious, crispy air fried foods.