A review of the NuWave Brio electronic air fryer shows that it is one of the best large-capacity air fryers. It is also among the best NuWave air fryers for 2020. That being the case, if you're looking for a device that can meet your desire for tasty, crispy oil-free foods, the NuWave Brio Air fryer is what you should get.

And for the uninitiated, do check here for all you need to know about air fryers. The same goes with the air fryer pros and cons, and why you should choose these appliances over a deep fryer and instant pot. With that in mind, here's the NuWave Brio electronic air fryer review.

1. Design:

The NuWave Brio air fryer is one of the best air fryers with a 6-quart capacity. Its dimension is 11" L x 11" W x 12-1/4" H and its baking pan measures  8" L x 7-1/2" W x 3-1/4" H. Its cooking rack sits at 7-1/2" L x 7" W x 3-1/2" H. Based on this design specification, this is an extra-large air fryer. It is large enough to contain large servings of food at a time to help you cook faster.

Despite its extra-large food basket, this appliance still maintains a compact size. As such, it can still fit in nicely into your kitchen's decor. Over and above that, it won't look out of place on your countertop. And there's no need to sacrifice the entire countertop space just to be a proud owner of an air fryer.

2. Temperature Control:

The temperature control of this air fryer ranges between 100 to 400 degrees F, allowing you to regulate its temperature to suit what you're cooking. For instance, you can make chicken strips at low heat or broil a strip steak at high heat. Much more, the programmable timer of this unit can be set up to 100 hours. The latter will be especially useful to prevent your meals from overcooking.

In line with that, there are six pre-set options on this appliance. These are fries, frozen fries, nuggets, steak, poultry, and fish. Further, the LED touchpad control panel features a pre-heat option. What's more, the automatic re-heat button can be set for 4 minutes at 360 degrees F.

3. Maintenance:

The NuWave Brio is a dishwasher safe air fryer. It comes with a basket, basket divider, and cooking rack that has been rated dishwasher safe. Hence, you do not have to maintain them manually. Place them in a dishwasher and you'll get them cleaned easily. The latter would be most especially helpful if you don't like all the cleaning that comes with cooking. It’s even better since air fryers cook with less oil, which ensures that your counter and appliance are not covered in grease.

Coupled with these tools, you also get a three-piece gourmet accessory kit. This kit features a nonstick baking pan, stainless steel cooking rack, and cookbook. And with the cookbook, there is a range of air fryer recipes you can try out. Therefore, there's no limit to the things you can make using this device.

4. Price and Customer Reviews:

The price of the NuWave Brio Black 6 Quart Digital Air Fryer is $133.41. Accordingly, this is a budget-friendly air fryer that won't break your wallet just to get it. If you are trying an appliance of this type for the first time, then you don't need to go overboard and splash thousands of dollars on one.

On the other hand, customers who purchased this appliance remarked that it is easy to use, durable, and gift-able. It was, however, outlined that it could make noises occasionally while in operation. Much more, its non-stick coating tended to peel after prolonged use.

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The NuWave Brio Black 6 Quart Digital Air Fryer boasts of large capacity, which makes it suitable for a large family. It also comes with an affordable price tag that makes it a goto solution. These aside, if your NuWave air fryer won't turn on or you encounter issues in the long run while using the NuWave air fryer, you can try some of the solutions we've outlined here.