The first impressive thing you'll notice about the Tefal Actifry Genius XL Air Fryer is its unique bowl-shaped design. But if you're not all about design, there are a lot of features this unit packs in to meet your desire for crispy fried foods. That is why it has gained popularity as well as high ratings among lovers of air fryers.

Generally, it is worth spending your money on an air fryer. The reason is, these units are healthier to use compared to deep fryers. And they do not cause cancer if you use them the right way. What's more, you can make pastries, pork chops, chicken nuggets and come up with just about any recipe using an appliance of this nature. You can also check here to see how an air fryer works.

Now that’s out of the way, here's a review of the features of the Tefal Actifry Genius XL Air Fryer.

1. Portability:

Just by looking at the Actifry Genius XL, you’ll agree that it is a very portable device. It may come with the name tag “XL,” but this is a unit that will fit in nicely on your countertop. It weighs less, thereby ensuring that you can even go camping with it or take it on a long trip.

Further, the 1.7 kg capacity of this unit makes it suitable for 1 or 2 persons. Therefore, if you're out to cook for just you and your partner, it's a unit you may want to own. It has been designed to have two cooking levels. As such, you can make two recipes at the same time.

2. Technology:

The Actifry Genius XL comes with a promise of perfectly fried meals thanks to its ability to cook meals evenly. The unit uses dual motion technology to improve the way it cooks. Here, it combines hot air and gentle paddle which makes all parts of the food evenly cooked. What you get, is food that is crispy outside and tender on the inside.

What's more, this unit cooks with 99% less oil, which means you can eat more healthily. If you're concerned with your occasional consumption of fried foods, it will ensure that you limit the oil used to fry significantly. Further, this air fryer comes with nine programs to enable you to set its temperature depending on what you're cooking.

3. Versatility:

An air fryer can be used to make pizza, fish, steak, chicken, nuggets, pastry, bacon-wrapped onion rings, and so much more. This is why the preset programs on the Actifry Genius XL will enable you to make just about anything. Place your food in its interior, select the appropriate cooking program, and it'll prepare it in no time.

Further, its two 1-meal-in-1-go programs help you to add all your ingredients at once. Hence, you can save time cooking and dedicate it to other things. It is also worth noting that this unit comes with an app with over 300 recipes to improve your cooking skills. Therefore, if you're out to surprise yourself with the new things you can make, here's a unit to try.

4. Maintenance:

Given that this air fryer cooks with 99% less oil, it means you'll be left with little or no grease after cooking. And if you have any left on it, here's a good read on how to clean grease from an air fryer basket. That aside, this appliance has dishwasher safe parts. You don't have to spend time washing it manually since a machine can do it for you.

Consequently, you'll spend less time cooking your favorite meals and cleaning after yourself. This is because the Actifry Genius XL cooks fast and only requires that you place its food tray and pan in the dishwasher to get it cleaned. The exterior can be wiped with a damp cloth to keep it clean at all times. This ease of cleaning is only one more reason why you should buy an air fryer.

5. Price and Customer Reviews:

The Tefal Actifry Genius XL Air Fryer's price is £188 ($245.57), which makes it moderately priced. It may not be one of the super cheap air fryers, however, this is a unit that could serve as the main air fryer in your home. Who knows? you may be throwing a small party and need an air fryer that has been built to offer high-level performance to ensure your event is a success.

You can also rely on the reviews of previous customers who purchased this product. They said this air fryer makes excellent, crunchy chips. Some specifically noted that they were able to make foods like chicken legs, sausages, and stews with it. However, it was noted that its interior is not non-stick. Hence, it could allow certain foods to stick to it.

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The Tefal Actifry Genius XL Air Fryer features outlined above shows this appliance is a great unit you should have in your home. It meets the user’s need for tender, crispy food, with little or no oil. Its design is also one of its selling points, hence, if you're looking for a unit that can fit with your kitchen's decor, here's a good one to try. Buy it, grace your kitchen, and finally have that crispy food without having any guilt.