So, you're out to cook for two people and you're probably wondering, "what size of an air fryer is needed for 2?" If that sounds like you, we'll tell you shortly. But get this: Air fryers are healthy cooking units that help you to reduce your consumption of oily foods. No, you don't have to avoid these foods completely, you only need to air fry them without oil.

Here's what we're hinting on. Air fryers cook with little or less oil., which makes for healthy cooking since your food is not soaked in fat Likewise, they are easier to clean and maintain unlike deep fryers and instant pots. You may also come to appreciate the fact that there are air fryers with rotisserie, enabling you to make a full chicken at a time.

And most importantly, there are small air fryers, and those with a capacity of 6 quarts, and even as large as 16 quarts. So, how exactly can you tell the right air fryer size you need to ensure its capacity holds enough food? Consider the following to pick a good air fryer:

1. How Much Food You Cook:

Ok, right before you settle on a small air fryer whose size is suitable for two people, you need to decide on how much food you cook at a time. Hey, it may only be two people, but if you're cooking large sizes meant for four people, it'll still be inadequate to meet your needs.

Therefore, if small-sized portions are made, an air fryer between 2 to 3.7 quart will be ideal. The Avalon Bay air fryers and Philips air fryer viva collection turbo star HD9621/96 are around this capacity.

On the other hand, if large portions are made at a time, then you need a unit whose capacity is between 4 - 6 quart. The NuWave Brio has a 6-quart capacity and so does the Dash Deluxe Electric Air Fryer. It will ensure that food is not crammed into the basket, thereby affecting how evenly the machine cooks.

2. Type of Food to Be Cooked:

An air fryer can be used to make pizza, chicken wings, steak, pork chop, bacon, etc. While the unit can support all these meals, certain sizes are ideal for snacks and small servings. If you opt for an air fryer around 2 to 3 quart, you'll be able to prepare fries or vegetables, etc. conveniently.

It'll also make meals and snacks for two to five persons. Now you may feel five is quite a lot but it's advisable to have enough free room while your unit cooks. Nonetheless, if you're making chicken, you'll need to break the chicken's bones to ensure it fits in nicely into the cooking space. However, about six chicken wings can be placed in its space.

On the other hand, a capacity that is at least 5.8 quarts will allow you to make a 4-pound whole chicken. There are some air fryers that come in different cooking compartments to enable you to prepare different foods at the same time. The result? It saves time while cooking since more portions can be handled at a time. The capacity of this nature will also make it convenient to grill and, bake.

3. Countertop Space:

At the end of the day, where you'll place the air fryer can help you decide on the right size to opt for. If there's room enough to support the unit on your counter, then you can opt for a medium-sized air fryer. In contrast, a small space will require a portable air fryer. Therefore, consider the placement space even before you finally settle on the right size for two people.

There's also the need to consider if you'll travel with the unit or it'll sit permanently in one space. If it's the case of the former, then you need a small, compact air fryer. It can be taken camping, hiking, or to the dorm to feed you and your companion.


Now that you know the right size of an air fryer needed for two people, you can choose the ideal one for cooking. It'll neither be too small or too large, but just the perfect fit for the servings it'll contain. There is also a great collection of air fryers to choose from the ones we've outlined above, hence, you don't have to scout the market to find the right size.