Unarguably, even the best air fryers will break down at some point, and on that day, you need the best solution that will restore your appliance to its proper functioning. It all begins with knowing the common air fryer problems and how to troubleshoot them. These are issues that are prevalent in most machines irrespective of their brand or quality.

Therefore, if you encounter any of the air fryer oven problems outlined below, here's what you should do:

1. Air Fryer Making a Loud Noise:

Cooking may become something to detest if your air fryer is always making loud noises while it is in use. It is, however, worth noting that some air fryers usually give off noise as they operate. This is because their mechanical fan produces a sound as it spins to circulate hot air.

On the contrary, a faulty air fryer may produce even louder noise or a rattling sound that is over 65 decibel. And that may be quite disturbing. The culprit? Loose parts within the air fryer. In this case, you need to contact the product's manufacturer for repairs or a replacement.

2. Air Fryer Not Turning On:

Some people have complained about their air fryers not turning on at some point. If you're encountering the same issue, then you need to ensure that your appliance has been plugged into a functional power source. Also, confirm that the plug is not loose in the wall socket, and there is no bad connection near the plug.

Having confirmed that the power source does not trigger the problem, another possible culprit is electrical issues in the wiring of the unit. Electrical issues may also be evident in the air fryer not heating up or taking longer than usual to heat. To troubleshoot, check the device's circuit breaker. If you're still unable to fix the problem, please contact the manufacturer who may cover its repairs.

3. Air Fryer Producing White Smoke:

It should not come as a surprise if white smoke - comparable to steam is coming out of your air fryer. The reason is, excess fat or water in cooked food can cause a disturbing smoke to emerge. As water vaporizes, it is visible as white smoke. That being the case, you can refer to the product's label to ascertain the recommended fat level in foods that are to be cooked using your appliance.

What's more, white smoke can easily be curbed by not cooking meals with excess oil or fat. You can take it one step further to check the oil collection pan to remove oil that may have been left behind from cooking. Removing this oil can go a long way in providing smoke-free cooking with your air fryer. Alternatively, if the smoke smells burnt, then you need to unplug the unit and take it to a repair shop immediately.

4. Air Fryer Producing Black Smoke:

Black smoke emerging from your air fryer while it is cooking is a thing of concern. This problem can be triggered by a faulty circuit or a damaged heating element. Unlike other problems, a quick fix will not be feasible since the warranty will not be applicable if the appliance has already been tampered with.

On the other hand, unplug the air fryer immediately from the electric outlet once you observe a black smoke. You can then return the machine to its manufacturer to get it fixed if the warranty period has not elapsed. If it's over the stipulated time, then a professional will be in the right position to get your air fryer fixed.

5. Food Odor Lingering in the Air Fryer:

It's always nice to have freshly cooked food emerge from your air fryer, but that won't be the case if your food has an odor from previously cooked meals. The smell is caused by lingering food particles or oil buildup that has been left behind in certain corners of the machine. The good thing is, this is a cleaning problem that can easily be solved.

Therefore, remove the air fryer's rack and tray. Next, use warm soapy water to clean these items individually. You can also use a dishwasher if the air fryer's manufacturer has stated that it is machine washable. Likewise, placing a piece of aluminum foil or baking paper on the bottom basket can make it easier to clean the appliance. Despite this, the material should not cover the entire area to ensure there is still proper circulation of heat.


These are some of the most common air fryer problems and how to troubleshoot them. These tips will ensure that your machine is fully functional in no time. Implementing these solutions will also allow your appliance to stand the test of time since all that may be required is a quick fix. Therefore, keep these solutions at your fingertips because they'll come in handy when you need them.